Before I get into my rants/raves about the start of DC's new plan to boost sales, let me remiind the die hard fans, critics, bloggers, and everyone else that I don't generally criticize anything. I know there's a pleathora of readers out there who act as if they represent the entire online comic community. I just cant help but reiterate thaT THESE are just OPINIONS AND IF BEING ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN STIRS THE POT, THEN SO BE IT. iT'S yours (or in this case, mine) !
SO Today I picked up the first installment of DC's The New 52 Collection, The Justice League. from what I was told, This made some waves in all forms of the news media. Enough attention was given to it, that a colleague of mine mentioned it to me like any other everyday news. He told me that Midtown Comics in times square, had line like a new video game console was being released. Later, I found that New York Comic Con tweeted that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee not only were doing a signing, but treating the waiting fans to free pizza.
All the plugs for all the other New 52 stories got annoying. I wanted more comic and less adds. I understand why it was done, I just didn't like it. There was a nostalgic element behind the way it played out. Since I can only speak from my generations perspective, It reminded me of  late 80's/early 90's works. That served as a pro and a con at the same time. It worked for me because it was short enough to leave a lot of place for future issues. I've heard complaints about not having the entire justice team included. I feel that's a valid reason to be upset, but I think it might turn out for the better. I Think it will allow more focus to new developing story lines for the characters that were chosen. The dialogue is pretty vague but funny. It's funny the way Batman was put on the spot about him not having any powers. The cliffhanger ending with superman, was very cliche but had me looking forward to the next issue (and the upcoming issues of all the rest). The upset is that I'm a trade paperback guy and that will be put on hold until all these issues move at a slightly faster pace.

I got back into the comic loop during the civil war/registration act event that marvel was pushing out. before that, I hadn't touch anything since the the birth of image comic, the infinity gauntlet and x-force. Needless to say marvel came a long way since those days. The stories were more compelling than I could imagine. Sure, there's still a lot of cheesy parts but getting past that...well...there's just so much enjoyable material. 
Although, I noticed marvel managed to tie in tons of story (old and New) with each other and it became annoying. It Seemed like an overkill of epic events laying on top of one another like bricks. I did enjoy Secret Invasion, World War Hulk, House of M, and The Noir Line-up. But I couldn't take the melodrama. It became the WWE of the marvel universe. I also got tired of waiting for cliffhanger continuations with more cliffhangers. That's when I decided Trade Paperback from this point on was the only way I would ever come back to enjoying their stories. It was then I drifted into the wonderful world of DC Universe. 
Ricky at Forbidden Planet was a great help when it came to recommending new and old material from all the publishers. He introduced me to Kingdom Come/JSA which I thought was a great start in crossing over to DC superhero titles. Later, he brought out Preacher, The Walking Dead, Bone and Invincible.

Ethan Young, creator of tails and artist of comeback kings, is responsible for rekindling my love for the art. I thought this nostalgic feeling might wear off but he Also turned me on to 100 Bullets, Fables, Y the last man, lots of the ultimate universe and lead me to Morrison, Bendis, Moore and uh...more. I recommend picking up his work and what he's collaborated on.


Now that Siege has come to a close and Fear Itself is the New Fuss in marvels corner, I've obtained the siege collection (including the tie ins). I'll give my insight when I finish but I will say that I've read the first 13 issues and I'm really enjoying it so far. Stay tuned for more. Also, if there is any other suggestions out there of current graphic events, please feel free to share.

A few Other reads I've either just finished or currently juggling is The Filth, Sweet tooth, The latest of Astonishing X-Men and Locke & Key. All good reads. And I recommend them all. If your new to reading graphics novels, I wouldn't start with The Filth. It's very clever, but a little hard to follow unless your already used to Morrison's style of writing. If you have a child that you don't feel too comfortable exposing him/her to mature material, I would veer away from Locke & Key and Sweet Tooth. Younger audiences can appreciate and comprehend these stories 

 without much effort  (especially Sweet Tooth), but concerned parents might not agree with some of the graphic  Images (Mostly bloody violent panels. Not so much nudity). Personally, I feel if you're old enough to follow these stories, then you're old enough to view the images along with it. If you don't feel that way, you might want to consider the Astonishing X-men for them.  This is more along the lines of what the cartoon network would show (minus the Adult Swim parts). The first volume is also available as a motion comic. If 

you continue reading future volumes, you'll soon see one of my favorite artists' take over the pencils. Simone Bianchi.


In Limbo



Due to personal family matters, A Hurricane scare and and my pc being on the fritz, I've not been able to update drawing-bored on a regular basis. The art section is 95% processed on a tablet PC with a digitizer pen. Because of the loss of my pen, I have been forced to wait until a replacement is issued before I get back on the entertainment train. This feels very much like an excuse for not having work to show off (I mean..I COULD have easily picked up a REAL pen) but I promise you, all of you, all six of you out there.... I will have some new fresh comics and art for you guys. Until then, get used to my senseless blogging.
   Recently, Weebly has added a collaborative feature, where you grant others the right to contribute or edit your page as dedicated publisher. I am excited about this feature and hope to see other like-minded individuals become part of drawing-bored. there is so much untapped potential out there that i personally feel have  more knack for this than i do. i hope many of you consider being a part of drawing-bored and share you ideas, express your opinions and share those kodak moments. it would be selfish to keep it all for one person so this is my open invitation to anyone who wants in. 
   If I don't get a response from certain individuals, i will reach out to them personally, hold all of their kittens and puppies for ransom, force feed them kimchi ramen noodles (extra spicy!) until their excretion shows signs of blood and devour their first born children.  okay....maybe not that last one, but you'll never what to expect!!
   also, if I some day profit from this in anyway whatsoever, that wealth will generously be split among those who've decided to take this webarkment with me.
So This was old pic sitting on my hard drive (that i decided to to turn into a comic.) I was unsure what to do with it. I really just wanted to show off our silly shirts. he'll keep his for future cartoons.

Let me begin by telling you that i am in no way a story teller. nor do i have anything actually published. I am not sensitive to to harsh criticism. I also do not care if my idea has been done countless times. It's something i feel enthusiastic about and i plan on running with it. So i've told very few about this idea for a story. The story is entirely fictional but make real reference to moments in history. not all past time references are true. they are just used as source material.

The synopsis is this...

before the kids left to their dad for the weekend, my stepdaughter asked me if i wanted to hear her rap that she recently wrote. I don't think i told her, but i was honored to hear her rap. instead i said "yes. of course i would love to". i'm not sure if she was looking for support, feedback, insight or just wanted to tell someone out of the sheer excitement of something new that they've created (but i'm glad she choose me). after listening to it, i told her it was good and that i hoped to hear a second and possibly a third verse soon. I also asked her to recite it on a different beat for me. she rapped over lupe fiasco - superstar. I asked to hear it over mobb deep - survival of the fittest. an older choice that i dont think she was familiar with. i wonder what she thinks. maybe when she's done writing i'll post a link.




SO i've decided that this will be my new outlet to express all the nonsense that others usually tweet about or post on their facebook wall. occasionally, i will have something important and relevant to say to all that surrounds us. today is not day. today is a nonsenical post day. so without further adieu, on with the ramblings...
I helped get and setup a new flatscreen tv for my grandma. i honestly didn't feel up to it because it was my day off and i just wanted to be lazy. after all was said and done, she had such a genuine happiness about her that i haven't seen in a while. it made me feel a whole lot better about making it happen. i knew shes's wanted one for some time now.
as i trekked home from grannys neck of the woods, i felt a little depressed. now that i was out doing stuff on my day off. I had a boredom that wouldn't leave. and part of me just wanted to be as happy as my grandma was. i dwelled on the notion that all it took was a tv to make my grandma as happy a child on  christmas. i thought "i want to be that happy right now!". but instead, i was bored an lonely.
ii wanted to go to the movies but had no one to go with (well, had someone to go with. i'll get to that too) and despretly craved popeyes chicken (for shame if you dont know about popeyes chicken). i settled for blimpie and had my spirits lifted from a giant ham & cheese. oddly enough, i've had blimpie craving for over 2 weeks now that comes and goes. so the best way to describe it that scene from disneys ratatouille, where it takes the nazi food critic back to a simpler time...
perhaps not as extreme. but it definitely reminded me of a time long ago. a time before subway really existed in nyc.
as my sandwich took me down memory taste bud lane, i got a phone call from my stepson. he was incredibly bored due to the fact that he was not allowed to be on the computer and didn't make it to school that day. he was also planning to see fast five with me (i think,) after school but since he didn't make it to school, he could not see the movie. i very much wanted to go to the movies myself but i honestly did not want to go see it without him. so instead i went home.
when arriving home, i decided to be somewhat productive and work on my banner for this site.i spent much of that time browsing fonts. (possibly over 4000 fonts). after choosing some possible candidates, i became indecisive. so after a while, i came up with a way to include all of them. i hope you all like it.
So if this is your first time viewing this page, thanks for stopping by. There's nothing to really expect just yet...


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