Recently, Weebly has added a collaborative feature, where you grant others the right to contribute or edit your page as dedicated publisher. I am excited about this feature and hope to see other like-minded individuals become part of drawing-bored. there is so much untapped potential out there that i personally feel have  more knack for this than i do. i hope many of you consider being a part of drawing-bored and share you ideas, express your opinions and share those kodak moments. it would be selfish to keep it all for one person so this is my open invitation to anyone who wants in. 
   If I don't get a response from certain individuals, i will reach out to them personally, hold all of their kittens and puppies for ransom, force feed them kimchi ramen noodles (extra spicy!) until their excretion shows signs of blood and devour their first born children.  okay....maybe not that last one, but you'll never what to expect!!
   also, if I some day profit from this in anyway whatsoever, that wealth will generously be split among those who've decided to take this webarkment with me.


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